Circ 1

Companies House Brochure

Circ 2

Registered Office Address

Circ 3

Opening an Account with Companies House

Circ 4

Sensitive Words and Expressions

Circ 5


Circ 6

Registration of Mortgages and Charges

Circ 7

Certificate of Good Standing

Circ 8

Company Profile

Circ 9

Foreign Companies Doing Business In Gibraltar or From Gibraltar

Circ 10

Directors and Secretaries

Circ 11

European Economic Interest Groupings (EEIGs)

Circ 12


Circ 13

Striking off a company under sections 411, 412 and 413 of the Companies Act 2014

Circ 14

Public Limited Companies

Circ 15

Fifth and Seventh Supplements to the Gibraltar Gazette

Circ 16

Corporate Insolvency

Circ 17

Definition of EU Single Market and EU Territory

Circ 18

Substitutions and Rectifications

Circ 19

Table of Fees

Circ 20

Re-domiciliation of Companies into Gibraltar and out of Gibraltar

Circ 21

Change of Name

Circ 22

Limited Partnerships

Circ 23

The European Company

Circ 24

Alteration to Share Capital

Circ 25

Filing of Accounts

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