Technical Note on email filings.

    Documents must be in .pdf format, these must be OCR'd (searchable PDFs)

    Sent by email to -

    Each document must be sent as an individual attachment, although multiple attachments may be sent in one email.

    Documents must be named in the following manner. (e.g. for an Annual Return of a company, Co-12345, for a an Annual Renewal of a business name, BN-12345).

    Abbreviation for the type of entity, hyphen, registration number, hyphen.

    For cases where multiple documents need to be submitted for the same entity within the same email, please add a number to the above. (e.g. for an Annual Return of a company, Co-12345-1)

    Abbreviations for each type of entity are as follows:

  • Companies, “CO”;
  • Limited Partnerships, “LP”;
  • Business Names “BN”;
  • Limited Liability Partnerships “LL”;
  • Private Foundations “FN”;
  • Trademarks “TM”;
  • Patents “PT”.

  • For submissions such as any application for registration of a company, business name, etc., where the particular entity does not have a local registration number, please name the document in a manner that indicates the nature of the document.

    Any additional supporting documentation that would usually be required to accompany a submission made in hardcopy, such as proof of identity and proof of address, will still need to be submitted via email.

    CHG account holders must provide written authorisation, in the same email, for their account to be debited in respect of the documents being sent with that email.

    Users who do not presently have an account with CHG, may pay for filings by credit/debit card. In which case, a Credit/Debit Card Payment form, available on the following link must be attached to the email -

    Should you have any difficulties effecting payment for email filings, please email

    During this period, we will not be allowing for resubmission of corrected documents.

    Documents found to contain errors will be rejected and an email notification will be sent to client explaining the reason for the rejection in the usual manner.

    A refund may be requested for this document. This is will be processed in due course.

    A new document will have to be submitted and paid for.