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e-Filing Services

  • e-Filing of Notice of any change of Registered Office

  • e-Filing of Return of Particulars of Directors, Managers and Secretaries and of any change therein

  • e-Filing of Annual Return

  • e-Filing of Annual Accounts

  • e-Filing of Striking Off Application by a Company

  • e-Filing of Withdrawal of Striking Off by a Company

  • e-Filing of Resolution / Special Resolution

  • e-Filing Technical Notes

How to apply for e-Filing services?

Existing Companies House Web Account Holders will only need to request a UID (Unique IDentifier) number from Companies House by filling in the UID Application forms below:

Once the application is received and processed, a UID will be sent via email with a letter to follow by post confirming your authentication password.

(Please note that the applicant will need to be either a Director or Secretary or Authorised Person
(in the case of the applicant being a corporation) of the Company in order to be able to file electronically for it.)